May 27, 2019

Transshipping 21 tons of oversized cargo

The shipment originated from Japan and was too long and heavy to fly directly from Japan to Argentina. This led our client to check options with us for transshipping via Amsterdam to Buenos Aires. Amsterdam is a good and well known hub for larger & odd sized cargo that many airports cannot handle.

With lengths of more than 15 meters, there were – even from Amsterdam – only a few airlines that were able to handle the cargo. Besides the export there were a lot of things that had to be arranged, like cranes and special trucks to move the cargo upon arrival at Amsterdam Airport.

The time line to work with was very tight, as the shipment had to be delivered to the export ground handler on the same day as the incoming flight from Narita to Amsterdam. Thanks to good team work of all parties involved and coordination from our operational team, the shipment was collected and delivered on time for the outgoing flight to Buenos Aires. A well and smooth ran operation, with a satisfied customer as a result.

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