October 18, 2019

Regulated agent status gained by LFS Frankfurt!

We as Lift Freight Services are proud to announce that our Frankfurt office has recently achieved the status as Regulated Agent (DE/RA/01499-01) and is therefore authorized to screen and validate the security status of airfreight shipments. 

With that we are also able to process cargo from “Known consignors” as secure cargo, without doing an additional or second security check.

Our Frankfurt warehouse is operating with a Smiths Heiman X-Ray detection system. In case there is need for a security check, i.e. the shipper is not a “Known consignor” or the shipment was delivered as unsecure cargo, we now have the authorization and equipment to make the cargo SPX secure, ready and safe for global shipping!

LFS Facts 2023

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8563 Tons
1627 Active clients
29 IATA ranking