October 26, 2017

Pharmaceuticals with dry ice to Uganda

The cargo was initially collected from the supplier based Germany. The dry ice packed in the boxes was calculated to only last for 72 hours, making this shipment time & temperature sensitive and requiring special handling with care. The goods arrived in our warehouse within 24 hours after collection and at that moment we were able to make an assessment of how much dry ice evaporated from the packages, in the time between collection and arrival in Amsterdam. This calculation was needed to make an accurate planning of when the re-icing moments would be and how much dry ice would be needed per box.

After re-icing for several weeks, we received the OK to forward and the shipment was finally good to go. Shortly before delivering the shipment to the airline, all the boxes were re-iced one more time and with as much dry ice as possible. At the same time, all the labels and boxes were inspected and – where needed – replaced, in order to transport the shipment in the best condition possible.

The shipment arrived in Uganda in good condition and was moved to a temperature controlled storage for further distribution, resulting in a happy customer, achieved by good coordination, teamwork and expertise.

With our experience in these type of shipments we are happy to assist in any shipment requiring more special handling and care than your normal shipments do.

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