September 14, 2017

Oversized naval radar equipment shipment to South Korea

With great urgency and speed, the cargo was collected from a Danish supplier and trucked to Schiphol in curtain side trucks. The consignment was handled with the care that comes standard with all shipments we handle and tendered to the airline in good condition. Many of the crates were not supposed to be stacked and in order to make sure that the ground handler and airline were constantly reminded of this in the handling process, LFS put cardboard ‘hats’ on the crates. The presence of these hats, red-flags this requirement to anyone laying eyes on and moving around these crates.

The booking was made well in advance and the shipment flew as booked, to the full satisfaction of the client and other parties involved. Please get in touch with us for a quote or talk on how we can assist with your time sensitive, ship-spare traffic; we are happy and honored to assist.

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