September 02, 2020

Lift Freight Services is ready to globally move the Covid19 vaccine

Over the past weeks, the logistical industry has been mostly pessimistic about airlines being ready to move Covid19 vaccines, once it’s launched and readily available. This mainly is because many carriers have brought back capacity (i.e. their flight rotations / numbers of flights) to the bare minimum in order to keep these cost effective and to carry the much smaller numbers of passengers than pre-Corona. Due to that, people fear that the large numbers of vaccines might not be moving around the world quickly enough.

Lift Freight Services – since the start of the pandemic – has been booking Covid19 related airfreight shipments to a wide range of global destinations and we have not had many issues finding the correct airlines (commercially or on part- or full charter bases). Respiratory equipment (ventilators) in large numbers, commercially flown into e.g. Ethiopia, Paraguay and Nigeria. Even more frequently, temperature controlled Covid19 test-kits were moved to South East Asian, African and South American countries on daily bases. Next to this and in the past period, Amsterdam has proven to be a good hub to various destinations that might be unreachable from many other origins and transshipping became a big part of not only the Covid19 affiliated cargo flow but for our ‘regular’ pharma flow as well. Pivoting from Amsterdam to e.g. The Congo and Serbia proved to be well working routes that were frequently used.

Next to Lift Freight Services being ready to find fitting solutions to move Covid19 vaccines, our existing and quickly expanding pharmaceutical cargoes moving fully GDP compliant in many cases and for which we provide 3PL stock-keeping, picking and full pharma packing services, this makes us adamant: Lift Freight Services was and is even more ready to find fitting solutions for any (GDP) pharma shipment or project you might have.

The pictures below show some examples of past success; an active airline container (RKN e1) filled with vital medicine to South East Asia, dry-ice pallet boxes containing disease test-kits which we airfreight to a wide range of countries in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia and passive shippers (pallet boxes containing frozen and cold elements to keep the product temperature to the desired range). The majority of these shipments containing temperature dataloggers so the destination agent or consignee can return temperature read-outs, proving a safe transit under the correct temperature regime.

With the rest of the world, we eagerly await the moment a vaccine is announced, tested and released, be it mainly so this virus can finally be beaten, especially in the more vulnerable parts of our global society.

For any (Covid19 related or not) pharma request; make sure to reach out to our sales department, specialists are ready to take your call or email.


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