September 28, 2017

LFS contributes to cleaner Emirates beaches

This state of the art and high value machine of US manufacturing, picks up layers of sand whilst driving along the waterfront and shakes this through a series of screens and sifts, keeping bigger particles including waste in a hopper and kicking out nothing but clean sand.

On relatively short notice, the machine was collected from the German supplier by our dedicated trucker, who sent out a driver with great experience in handling and maneuvering big agricultural machinery. This was done because the machine needed to be driven into (and, after arrival at Amsterdam Airport, out of) the truck, with the greatest care.

After a short stop at our warehouse for security screening, labeling and (dangerous goods) documentation and checks, the truck continued its way to the airline warehouse, here at the airport. The airline warehouse lashed down the machine onto the aircraft pallet, according to the lashing instructions provided by the supplier. The shipment flew as booked and arrived in Dubai where it will be deployed to keep the beaches as clean as a whistle.

Another, less ordinary machine handled by LFS to the full satisfaction of the clients. Make sure to get in contact with us for your move, also for shipments without wheels!

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