October 12, 2017

Export crating and airfreight to Qatar

The cargo was collected from the Dutch supplier loose and without any form of crating. Our industrial crater came to our Schiphol warehouse to measure all individual pieces and to make an assessment of what could be packed together without chances on damage or movement inside the crates. After that, they prefabricated the crates in their workshop and brought them back to us. The pieces were loaded in the crates and steel band was wrapped around them to keep them as rigid as possible during handling.

After the packing process was completed, the cargo specifications were returned to the supplier who issued all (legalized and obligatory) documents for import into Qatar. Shipment was booked direct ex Amsterdam and arrived in good condition.

Client and our partner were happy with the outcome and way this was handled; another successful move for LFS.

For any shipment or project requiring packing or if you do not have sufficient packing for airfreight available: we are happy to assist.

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