October 28, 2020

Donated, custom built e-trike to the USA

The tri-cycle was collected from a Dutch supplier. As the tri-cycle had no form of packing the shipment was collected by a special Lift Freight truck with tail-gate, which made it is easy to load and transport.

The cargo had to be made airfreight worthy to survive the trip to the US continent. The best option was to fixate the tri-cycle in a crate with special stabilization beams. Since this was an electric tri-cycle, specialized checking of the vehicle and battery was required by our DG partners, before closing the crate. Once done, the crate could be closed and the tri-cycle was ready for departure.

After arrival in the US the cargo had to be delivered to a residential address, meaning no unloading dock was available. For the delivery a truck with tail-gate to unload was needed and equipment to dismantle the crate and return debris. In this way the consignee was able to receive the tri-cycle on its wheels, in the same manner we collected it from the Dutch supplier. The solution that was created, planned and executed successfully brought us yet another satisfied customer.

For any out of the order shipment you have difficulties with sorting, feel free to check with our offices and we will provide you with the best possible solution and offer!

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