July 13, 2017

Breakbulk: Greece to Angola, 23 meter pipes

The pipes were moved from Athens port to Rotterdam port where LFS arranged a special transport on an extendable trailer to Antwerp port, from where the vessel to Luanda port sailed. It took close orchestration to get the truck on the kay at the moment the pipes were in turn to be offloaded from the vessel, without any of the subcontractors involved having to wait for a too long period of time.

The 2 packages each weighed over 9 tons and stretched 23 meters in length with a 80 cm width and 70 cm height. Special lifting instructions were provided to the terminals and their cranes involved and our trucker worked with the lashing instructions which our client requested us to follow.

Transports all went as planned and – after we cleared customs in Antwerp and issued the BL set – the shipment was good to go to Angola. Another shipment handled in good order and as per our clients requirements.

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