August 05, 2012

Bid on new project won: 20 to 40 tons of airfreight export per month

On April 1st, we have started handling a substantial new airfreight export project for one of our bigger and most loyal clients.

This only succeeded after strong negotiations with airlines and truckers in order to meet our clients firm target rates.

The project consists of collecting several shipments a day from surrounding, main-land European countries and consolidating them in our Schiphol warehouse for airfreight export from AMS airport. In many cases, crating is also done next to the usual operational and customs handling. In the first 3 weeks of the 5 year project, about 20 tons have been collected, handled and booked to various destinations.

This new project underlines that our chosen direction and commercial focus is the right one and will result in further growth of our team.

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